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TrisTrans Norway 2011

This story about Tristans crossing of Norway is like a fairytale. During 5 weeks we walked through our little paradise: Øvre Namdalen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway - one of the last wilderness areas in Norway.

Our startingpoint was Stekenjokk in Sweden – our goal was the Norwegian coast.

A winter and summer part: 150 km skiing in April and 250 km hiking in July.

Tristan was 5 months during the winter part, and 8 months during the summer part.

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Tristans 100 first summits 2011 (10 months old)

At an age of 4 days Tristan ascended his first summit, Ramberget 300m. 2 days later he was on the top of Nattlandfjellet,  428m.

How exciting and fun ... so we continued!

Tristan challenged his first ’1000 meter summit’ at an age of 3 months, and conquered his first ’2000 meter summit’ 2 months later. 

At the age of 6 months he crawled on the top of summit number 50.

10 months old he ascended the highest mountain in Scandinavia (Galdhøpiggen, 2469m) - summit nr 100.

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TrisTrans Folgefonna 2011

Folgefonna glacier, one of Europes biggest glaciers - from North to South.

May 2011 we made a wonderfull trip across the Folgefonna glacier with our son Tristan, 5,5 months old.

We walked about 100 km with 6000 m elevation gain. Our pulkas were heavy loaded with 150 kg food and equipment. We used totally 10 days.

The weather was unstable and cold. Although the sunny days were dominating, we got 30 cm new, sticky snow and many hours walking in whiteout. The temperatures went down to minus 20 degrees at night.


Folgefonna National Park is exciting!

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TrisTrans New Zealand 2011


Decemeber 2012. One hundred years ago, Roald Amundsen was on his way to the South Pole. Tristan was a bit too small to fit in the big shoes of this polar hero. So he started a little further to the north - on a journey through New Zealand from North to South.

A 12-week long journey through New Zealand  with a tent, a bike and a pair of hiking boots.

Tristan celebrated his first birthday down there!

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Tristans 200 first summits (2 years old)


What a challenging and exciting year (2012)! Tristan completed 100 new mountaintops.

100 ''mini-expeditions'' and 100 new experiences.

Tristans summit nr 200 was accomplished on the second attempt – the day before Tristans 2nd birthday –  on the Arctic island Spitsbergen.

Some highlights: First tropical summit (Indonesia). First polar summit (Baffin Island). First 3000 meter (France). First polar night ascend (Spitsbergen). 28 of 33 community summits in Hordaland county – Norway. First vulcano (New Zealand) Mt Ruapehu. 6 nation peaks (Europa).

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TrisTrans Baffin Island 2012


A 5-week long polar expedition to Baffin Island, Canada.

We were drawn to here to experience the Arctic wilderness, the Inuit culture, and the potential to live in a very wild setting with virtually unlimited potential for exploratory trekking and first ascents.

Tristan was 18 months old.

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