'' An adventure of a lifetime ''

What's this all about?

TrisTrans Saga is the story about two little adventurers, Tristan en Nanook.

They are brothers living an outdoor lifestyle.


The adventures of Tristan and Nanook brings them to some of the most beautifull places on earth. 

Its about summits (Tris) and crossings (Trans). In addition to a great variety of other outdoor activities.


This story takes them in the footsteps of the vikings.

Its inspired by the Vikings, the Norwegian polar adventurers, our parents and earlier adventures, and the Belgium comic book series ''The adventures of Jommeke''.

TrisTrams Saga was an old Norse story adapted from the Tristan and Isolda legend.


TrisTrans Saga is about sharing great experiences in our natural world. It's about learning and having fun. Love. Passion. Memories. Happiness. Challenges, determination and creativity. Activity, environment and our community. It's all about our future.

Who are we?

Kim (september 1980) and Jochem (september 1983)

Kim and Jochem share their passion for nature and adventures. They met eachother in 2000 during an adventure with sleddogs. Ever since they have been together 'on the road'. Longdistance cycling, mountaineering and winterexpeditions gave them great experiences and memories for life. They became engaged on the highest summit of Spitsbergen (2009) and married in the idyllic Norwegian village Rosendal (2010).

Originally they come from Belgium. Jochem grow up in Norway and Kim moved northwards in 2003. Kim works as a nurse and Jochem is a medical doctor and works as a scientist. All leisure time goes to outdoor acitivities. 

Kim and Jochem received their common interests from their exciting childhood. The time together with their parents, and the moments in the peacefull nature gave them a solid foundation. The feeling of warm sand on the beach, the smell of the woods and the sound of a river. When Kim and Jochem became parents they decided to give their children exactly the same memories and experiences for life.

As a kid Jochem accompanied his parents on many adventurous trips. Expedition Alaska 1992 inspired him for his life. His adolescent years were spent on dog sledding around Europe, mostly in Scandinavia.

Tristan (november 2010) and Nanook (february 2013)

Tristan is a happy little boy, with a great sence of humor. He loves to be outside, and he loves to hang around with mom and dad. They are always trying out something new. His favorite activities are stone throwing, sledging, camp building, playing in the woods and book reading. 

Tristan is the king of the mountains. He has been ascending mountains all around the world. At an age of two he ascended summit number twohundred - a peak on Spitsbergen during the polarnight. Eighteen months old Tristan joined a polar expedition on Baffin Island.

Tristan celebrated his first birthday on New Zealand, and his second on Spitsbergen.

Nanook is a hungry little guy. Always asking after mom and milk. He already knows the pleasures of life ;O)

Nanook ascended his first mountain four days old. Just as old as his brothers first mountain. Of course, otherwise it would be unfair and an endless dicussion when they grow up and realize what a life they have been living ;O)

Tristan and Nanook are already big friends - so that sounds great!

Lulu (2004)

Lulu is our family dog. She isn't big. She isn't a polar dog or a mountain dog. She is a chihuahua. The most adventurous chihuahua in the world? ;O)

She enjoyed Kim and Jochem on most of their trips in the periode 2005 - 2010. Mountain summit ascends, glacier crossings, wintertrips on skis, bike tours and so on. She was always there. River crossings and steep walls. She never hesitated and did it! So brave. She was the ''test subject'' of the family. ;O)

She is still enjoying many of our mountain walks together with Tristan and Nanook. They really love eachother and inspire eachother.

Hang on Lulu!